Hello and welcome to my African Adventure!

And by “African Adventure”, I mean my experience in Ghana, one country (of a diverse set!) in West Africa. I will be spending 3.5 months there from May-August as a part of the Junior Fellowship (JF) in International Development program with Engineers Without Borders (EWB). I will be working in EWB’s Governance and Rural Infrastructure (GaRI, G&RI) sector to facilitate the development and implementation of evidence-based decision-making processes within the decentralized Ghanain government. That sounds complicated right now, but I promise I’ll break it down in a later post and it will all make sense

Okay, so as expected, we’re getting a little acronym-heavy here. EWB loves acronyms. That’s why I have included a nifty little widget on the right of this page which includes acronyms that I come across throughout my experience. I’ll try to keep that list updated and complete for your viewing pleasure.

A little about me:

My name is Christian Karl Euler and I’m 21 years young. Development is one of my passions, but more generally I am excited about the problem-solving and innovation processes in which EWB allows me to participate. I’m a systems thinker and abstractor of concepts and my Myers Briggs Type Indicator is ENFJ (more on that later). I’m studying Chemical Engineering and Biochemistry at the University of Ottawa and I’ve been involved with the EWB chapter for the last three years in various roles.

A little about this blog:

The major goal of this blog is to share, as entirely as possible, my JF experience with you, the reader. It is a tool which I will use to connect with members of my chapter, family members, friends, and other viewers. A secondary, though still very important, goal of this blog is to chart my development and learning over the course of the internship. Updates will likely include content including my work, wider-scope issues, my daily life, and the rural realities faced by Ghanains. I promise that there will be something for everyone.

A little about you:

Let me know! I’m open to feedback and would really love to hear from you. My contact information is on the right (near the acronym widget), so feel free (encouraged, even) to give me a shout.

Alright. More posts to come soon.



7 responses to “Welcome

  1. Katlyn Euler

    Im very excited to see that you have created this blog so that I can follow you all summer! so excited for you 🙂
    lots of love
    -your big sister

  2. Simone Charron

    Hey Chris! I’m loving your first blog post! I’m making sure to follow you through your journey and I’m very exited to hear all about it 🙂

  3. Lauren Quan

    Hey Chris,

    I’m excited to hear about your trials and tribulations this summer!


  4. Sweet. Added to my Google Reader subscriptions.

  5. Hi Christian,
    Wow! This is awesome. A great read and we will continue to follow you on your journey. We’re very excited for you!
    Dave and Janine

  6. Hey Chris! Hahah so I was working on my role document and was writing about how it’d be cool to have a ‘Chris in Ghana’ blog so we can get cool updates about the work of our jfs. And so I decided to creep you on facebook to get more information on your project and I stumbled upon this blog, and it looks like you’re already way ahead of me 😛
    I’m excited to read up about your experience in Ghana, and I hope to get lots of other people reading too!

  7. Karin Euler

    Hey Christian!
    I am so excited that I can live vicariously through you! My experience in Angola at your age completely changed the way I see the world. I am so happy to give you any medical support/advice and wish I was there with you. I will eagerly anticipate your blogs!

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