Dream Big and Work Hard

Day 0 of pre-dep is done and the biggest take-home today, for me, is EWB’s value to Dream Big and Work Hard. 

I think that this value is a good focus at the outset of the week; the dreaming happens now, and the work required to reach those dreams happens throughout the week.

I’m very overwhelmed and excited about this week. Just being around all the other JFs and in the EWB house–being in the context of this role, essentially–has really made me excited about it to a degree that I haven’t been so far. It feels the most real right now.

So, what am I dreaming about? I’m dreaming about asking “why?” five times in a row in order to dig deeper into every issue; about attempting humility by exposing my weaknesses, challenges, and lack of understanding with my colleagues; about investing respect and time in those same colleagues to challenge them-and myself-to grow; about challenging this program to its core by posing those questions which are most difficult. And I’m dreaming of Ghana.

The work? That starts tomorrow at 8 a.m.

I’ll keep you posted.



2 responses to “Dream Big and Work Hard

  1. Amazing Chris!!! Dream big my friend, see ya soon!

  2. Oooh very exciting stuff Christian! I hope you really do step outside of your comfort zone. Lots of LOVE!


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