A Day of Framing

“Are you ready to fall in love with Ghana? With International Development?”

This was a question posed to me by James Haga today at our check-in one-on-one. He asked me what changes I need to see this week before I’m ready to leave. I told him that it’s all about the mindset; I need to feel ready, whether that perception is accurate or not. That’s about when he dropped the aforementioned bomb of a question on me.

Just so you know, I’m not. It’s not something I’d even considered until today. But it is a possibility, and I’ve got 5 days to get there.

Today-day 1-was all about framing. We talked of expectations, being agents of change, hopes, fears, fantasies, and in-Canada impact. Only now is the day feeling long, because I was so engaged throughout. After all that framing, we ate dinner at an Ethiopian restaurant and heard George Roter speak about what it means to be a JF. It was, as usual, a heartfelt and funny talk.

Now I’m quite tired, but I have to get into my homework for the evening: an agriculture case-study, and a review of Rural Livelihoods.

I’ll keep you posted.



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